Eco Ashram

SWASTIGRAM is located in the foothills of the Himalayas near Rishikesh, where the Holy River Ganges first meets the plains of Indiaswastigram3.

This is Dev Bhumi – ‘God’s land’, that has lured spiritual seekers for centuries. It is here that the rishis of old came to meditate and seek answers.
SWASTIGRAM is a contemporary eco-ashram designed to synthesise tradition with innovation.
Inspired by the Gandhian vision of grassroots growth and development as well as the Vedic view of wise human action, karma and enlightened human values, dharma, as the ultimate aim of human life on earth.
SWASTIGRAM’s supreme objective is to create harmony between living beings and Nature through a holistic, sensitive, ethical way of life.

It is here that we have brought together a community of committed, enlightened individuals, policy and decision makers, lawyers, writers, thinkers, social activists, environmentalists and people with practical experience to seek solutions to India’s environmental problems.

Surrounded by lush forests and farmland, Swastigram has the potential and promise to be a model for sustainable development at the grassroots level- a vibrant ‘laboratory for life’ where new ideas are being explored


swastigram5We use alternative energy, soil conservation techniques, water harvesting, organic farming and we are developing building materials for eco-friendly and earthquake-resistant housing.

Swastigram is a coming together of traditional wisdom and innovation. It is living our beliefs and being true to our values